mac and cheese

Easy and Healthy Backpacker Meals

Confused about what meals to carry for your next backpacking trip? We have gathered some of the best backpacker meals that are cheap and easy. All of the meals listed here are super-fast to make and require a pretty less amount of ingredients. 

Let’s make it clear: there is no shame in relying on packaged meals for your trips! Not everyone has enough time to make their backpacking meals before going on a trip. So, here you are going to find Eight Cheap and easy but healthy backpacker meals. We hope this article provides you some amazing delicious trail food ideas!


Ingredients needed:

  1. Dried beans (80g)
  2. Raw Macaroni Noodles (80g)
  3. Cheddar Cheese (80g)
  4. Chili Powder (10g)

They are also referred to as “chili mac”. Using dried beans for protein, macaroni noodles for carbohydrates and, the combination creates a hearty dinner. 


Ingredients needed:

  1. Noodles (80g)
  2. Jerky (50g)
  3. Peanut Butter (30g)

Easy-to-make noodles, Lightweight meat, and creamy peanut butter. It’s unusual, yet it’s likely to be one of the healthiest meals listed in this article. The rice noodles are cook fast and lightweight, and the jerky and peanut butter give an exact quantity of protein to this Asian-inspired backpacking meal.


Ingredients needed:

  1. Couscous (85g)
  2. Parmesan 35g
  3. Pesto (20g)
  4. Olives (20g)

Couscous is an excellent grain base to use on the trail because it’s light, cooks fast, and has some protein. Combine with perso mix and Parmesan for a filling meal. You can complement or replace the olives with sun-dried tomatoes or canned fish like salmon or Tuna.


Ingredients needed:

  1. Chicken (100g)
  2. Rice (80g)
  3. Dried Broccoli (35g)
  4. Olive Oil (20g)
  5. Soy Sauce (3g)

Dehydrated Broccoli is exceptionally lightweight and is an excellent source of vitamins, fiber, and potassium. Combine with chicken (or Tuna) and rice, and you have a perfect nutritious meal for the trail. Olive Oil combines some nice extra flavor and calories. Soy sauce is a pleasant extra that you can get at no cost from just about any grocery store.


Ingredients needed:

  1. Dried Lentils (80g)
  2. Dried Peas (20g)
  3. Dried Carrots (20g)
  4. Dried Corn (20g)
  5. Coconut Oil (18g)
  6. Curry Powder (8g)

You can get curry paste or powder from the international food section of the supermarket. Coconut oil contributes some healthy fats and improves the taste of this dish. With these two ingredients, you have the foundation to make a creamy curry. This trail favorite uses lentils as its source of protein and fiber.


The nearest meal you can get to a diner on the trail. Potatoes contribute carbohydrates, and eggs and bacon provide sodium and protein to give an energetic start to the day. It tastes better cooking the eggs separately.


Healthy and easy nutrition. Mixing peanut butter, honey, and trail mix collectively in a container produces a breakfast rich in calories from protein and healthy fats. 


Cereal in the backcountry. Powdered milk is virtually non-perishable and gives a light source of calcium. Chewy dried fruits like cranberries, apricots, and blueberries work best.