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Day Trips from Portland, Oregon

Portland has so much to offer in terms of outdoor recreational activities. Moreover, there are some popular attractions—natural and artificial—just around the city borders. We’ll be describing 3 top destinations and the time it would take to get to each of them. Read on.

  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Cannon Beach
  • Mount Hood

Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is east of Portland. It would take just 30 minutes to get there by car from Portland, so you can be sure of a journey without stress. That’s if you take it easy on how you move around, of course. Here, you’ll be able to view the very wide canyon of the Columbia River. It’s the ideal site for sightseers, hikers, water sports enthusiasts, and others. What about the zip line tour through the forest? 

The beauty of Columbia River Gorge does not stop there. There are more than 70 waterfalls—with the highest being close to 200 meters high! Its name: Multnomah Falls. It’s the most famous one. Look it up. There are a good number of wineries, restaurants, shops, and other features waiting for you. You won’t be disappointed. Keep in mind that Columbia River Gorge is Oregon’s top tourist attraction!

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach has long-distance hiking trails and vast sandy beaches to make your day. A nice ocean view is just ahead of Ecola State Park which has an ancient vegetation for your sightseeing pleasure. To get a better view, you could move to the huge rock formation at Haystack Rock. If you’re lucky to be at the waterside during the cooler periods of the year, you’ll be able to see the migrant gray whales swimming past.

Do you know Lewis and Clark—the two famous adventurers who were able to put their name in the history books? Well, you can take the same path they took during their expedition. The route is known as Tillamook Head Trail. Keep in mind that it takes 90 minutes to get to Cannon Beach by road from Portland.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood graces such a high height that it can be seen from many locations in Portland. The only downside to getting there is that it can take 3 hours to arrive at the site from Portland depending on your chosen routes.

What’s cool about this mountain is that it’s covered in snow at any time of the year (See what we did there?). You don’t need to wait till winter in order to get there for some skiing passion fulfilment! The Timberline ski area is always open, unlike the five other ski areas which are closed at certain periods. 

Hiking trails at the Mount Hood Scenic Byway Area and Mount Hood National Forest await you. The latter has a golf course for lovers of the sport. It also has meadows, creeks, and other natural attractions.

Hopefully, the three places described here are inviting enough to you. Why don’t you plan with your loved ones for these fun-filled trips that promise to be an endless thrill?