Here are 5 of the World’s Most Underrated Beaches

Reports indicate that up to 50% of international travelers head for coastal destinations. For many people what constitutes a perfect getaway is a beautiful, warm, sunny beach. A beach holiday is indeed special, and even more so if you discover little-visited locations. For example, here are 5 of the world’s most underrated beaches just waiting to be discovered.

Santiago, Cape Verde

Santiago is the largest island in the archipelago of Cape Verde, located in West Africa. The capital Praia is on this island. Santiago is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Quebra Canela with its lively scene and numerous beach bars, Prainha Beach, and Tarrafel Beach.

As an archipelago, Cape Verde offers a wide selection of white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. One of the most popular beaches is Santa Maria beach, located in Sal. This beach has golden sands and azure waters, and it is good for kite-surfing and scuba diving.

Boa Vista is blessed with long sandy beaches and Sao Vicente too, has several beaches all suitable for swimming. The best time to visit Sao Vicente is in February during the carnival.

Furore, Italy

Location on the Amalfi Coast, Furore is a scenic beach hidden behind a fjord. This gem of a beach is small, however, it offers spectacular scenery. The Amalfi coast is safe for swimming and diving, and it is renowned for its clear and bright water. Aside from the beach, you can explore other natural rock formations and hidden caves in the area.

Pyla Sur Mer, France

A charming coastal resort on the Atlantic, Pyla Sur Mer is located south of Bordeaux. It is not only home to the highest dune in Europe, but its beaches, sports, and numerous events render it an ideal holiday destination.

Whilst you are here, schedule a relaxing day out at the majestic Dune of Pilat and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. You can also visit one of the large sandy beaches in Arcachon Bay. Arcachon’s main beach is popular for its cafes, bar, and various watersports. From here, you can also plan a day trip to Bordeaux, France’s famous wine region.

Windansea Beach, San Diego

Renowned for its clear, clean water, this is a small hidden beach which offers beautiful scenery and a pounding surf break. The beach is located in La Jolla, San Diego, and is more popular with surfers that family groups. Windanssea was named after a hotel that was located in the vicinity but later burned down.

The beach offers a classic surf break, and you are guaranteed good surf all year round. Waves range from 2-10ft, hence this is not a location for novices. However, if surfing is not your thing, you will enjoy sunbathing on the rocky plateaus, also a romantic place to watch the sunset.


Some of the world’s most underrated beaches are found in Curacao. This is an island located in the Dutch Caribbean. Curacao boasts 35 beaches, each lovelier than the other. The weather is great, ideal for windsurfing and the waters are warm. This has been described as a diver’s dream. 

The nightlife is vibrant and possible activities include dancing at street parties, shopping, and the enjoyment of fine dining. The beaches popular with tourists include Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel beach

For lovers of sand and sea, there is no shortage of exquisite, hidden gems. All it takes is a little research, and you can soon be off to the beach holiday of your dreams.


5 of the Best Budget Destinations

Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to enjoy the delights of an exotic vacation without spending an arm and a leg. Even better, you can do so without compromising on your comfort. There are several destinations that are renowned for offering value for money. Here are a few of them.


Located in the South Pacific Ocean, these lovely islands do have expensive resorts, however, for the budget-conscious, there is also a profusion of reasonably priced, comfortable guesthouses, hostels, Airbnb options, 2 and 3-star hotels. There are countless activities to be enjoyed, such as surfing and whitewater rafting. Plan an excursion to the Colo-i-Suva forest reserve for hiking, swimming, and bird-watching. Enjoy the sight of waterfalls set in the jungle, a truly memorable sight.


A beautiful country rich in culture and history, Cambodia is a great budget destination due to its reasonably priced food and accommodation that offer value for money. Accommodation is available in local guesthouses, good standard low-cost hotels, and Airbnb properties. The food is cheap and very good. Places of interest to visit include the Khmer City of Angkor and the Angkor sites. Less known are the beautiful beaches and island resorts; these are also waiting to be explored.


This is a country that is larger than life. India is packed with adventure and culture. The possibility of exotic places to visit is endless, ranging from the beaches of Goa to Jaipur, the pink city. It is however possible to explore such treasures on a shoestring budget. Cheap accommodation is available in hostels and guesthouses, street food is readily available, and rail travel is kind on the wallet.


A warm vibrant country, Poland is an excellent choice for a budget holiday. It offers old historic cities, lovely coastlines and National parks. Possibilities of budget accommodation are numerous, ranging from low cost-dorm rooms, hostels, comfortable budget hotels, and self-catering facilities. In addition, there are numerous campgrounds and local food is reasonably priced.


Also located in Eastern Europe, Hungary is another gem waiting to be discovered. Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a charming city, full of history. Accommodation is affordable here, with numerous high rated hostels to choose from. Also available are bed and breakfasts, and private apartments. Traditional Hungarian food is available at low prices.

Go on a walking tour of Budapest, a picturesque city built along the Danube River. The city has grand city squares and seamlessly combines the old and the new. Plan a visit to the Museum of Fine Art; take a cruise on the Danube for memorable views of the city landmarks.

If you check out available offers and schedule travel during off-peak months, it is possible to travel cheaply without sacrificing comfort and to obtain value for your money.